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  • EGSB anaerobic reactor
  • EGSB anaerobic reactor is new-model anaerobic reactor that consists of water distributor, three-phase separator, plenum chamber, and external water inlet system. At present, EGSB anaerobic technology has been applied in medium and large enterprises in China.
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  • Integrated machine for flotation and sedimentation
  • Main treatment process adopts physical-chemical process. It has features such as simple and reasonable technology, wide applicability, compact structure, simple operation, stable performance, and etc. It is effective in removing suspended matters, COD, and BOD.
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  • IC anaerobic reactor
  • IC anaerobic reactor is high-efficient multi-stage internal recycle reactor with advantages such as small floor area, high organic loading, stable performance, and simple operation. IC anaerobic reactor is suitable for organic high-concentration wastewater such as corn starch wastewater, citric acid wastewater, beer wastewater, potato processing wastewater, and alcohol wastewater.
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  • Integrated equipment for sewage treatment
  • Integrated equipment for sewage treatment is suitable for residence community, village, town, office building, market, hotel, restaurant, nursing home, school, hospital, expressway, railway, mine, tourist attraction, slaughter, aquatic product processing, food, and other fields for the treatment of wastewater.
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  • UASB reactor
  • Anaerobic reaction process includes hydrolysis, acidification, acetic acid production, and methane production.
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  • Horizontal-flow air floating system
  • High gas/liquid dissolution efficiency, delicate bubble≤30um
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  • Automatic dosing system
  • Applications: electricity, petroleum, chemcial, metallurgy, environmental engineering, and water treatment.
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  • Cavitation air floatation equipment
  • "Microbubbles" are injected directly into sewage by cavitation air floatation equipment without beforehand gas dissolution, and are distributed to sewage by air-smashing impeller, thus air compressor, circulating pump, and other devices are not needed.
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  • Membrane-bioreactor technology
  • Membrane-bioreactor technology (MBR technology) is a new-model waste water treatment technology that combines membrane separation technique and biotechnology. It has advantages such as high biochemical efficiency, powerful resistance to impact loa, stable water quality, small floor area, long sludge discharge cycle, and etc.
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